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Are you a WEBSITE OWNER who is searching for a professional and yet affordable WordPress maintenance services? If yes, then you are in the right place. Check our maintenance plans, choose the one suitable for you and leave your site maintenance to us. We got your back!

wordpress maintenance plans


The process to start with our WordPress maintenance services is very easy. You don’t need to sign up anywhere. We will just exchange a few emails with you and that’s it. You can try out our services for one month for free!


The first step is filling out a simple form at the bottom of this page and sending it to us. Once we receive your quote request, we will check your website and get back to you.

WP Maintenance Service Step 1
WP Maintenance Service Step 2


Within 24-48 hours you will receive an email from us with an approximate price range for website maintenance. Exact price will be established once we see the back end.


After you confirm to us that you are interested, we will need your login credentials and your free trial can start. Now you can focus on your business and leave your site maintenance to us!

WP Maintenance Service Step 3


Check out what we will do for you. These features are in all of our plans. We believe that by offering features bellow we provide complete website maintenance service, necessary for a good health of your WordPress site.   

WordPress Proactive Updates


We create backup every time before we start with updates. After that, updates are done one by one and the site is checked for issues. If anything goes wrong, we immediately restore your site from the last backup.

WordPress Offsite Backups


You might have hosting that does regular automatic backups, but it’s important to have backups outside your server too, in case it’s compromised. With offsite backups you are prepared for the worst.

WordPress Fixes and Tweaks


Fix & Tweak time can be used for fixing problems after updates or making changes to the site. When you run out of those in your plan and you need more, you’ll get a discounted hourly rate.

WordPress Unlimited Email Support


This means that you have a personal consultant that you can reach at any time. You need a plugin or theme recommendations? No problem, just send us an email. Anything WordPress website related.

WordPress Security Improvement


Your website security will be improved and you will get some recommendations for keeping it that way. In combination with regular updates and good hosting this should be more than enough.

WordPress Maintenance and Supervision


To make maintenance service complete, we check your site after updates and we test your forms so you know you are getting those emails. A monthly report with recommendations is also included.

Maintenance Plans

Choose between carefully crafted maintenance plans that suit your needs best. For more details about WP Supervision maintenance service please browse through our FAQ section.


Proactive Updates (Weekly)
Offsite Backups (Weekly)
1 Fix or Tweak/Month (48h response)
Discounted Hourly Rate
Basic Security Improvement on start
Forms Testing & Site Check (Weekly)
Email Consultancy (48h response)
Monthly Report


Proactive Updates (2/Week)
Offsite Backups (2/Week)
2 Fixes or Tweaks/Month (24h response)
Discounted Hourly Rate
Security Improvement & Tips
Forms Testing & Site Check (2/Week)
Email Consultancy (24h response)
Monthly Report with Recommendations


Proactive Updates (3/Week)
Offsite Backups (3/Week)
4 Fixes or Tweaks/Month (4-12h response)
Discounted Hourly Rate
Security Improvement & Tips
Forms Testing & Site Check (3/Week)
Email Consultancy (12h response)
Monthly Report with Recommendations

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WP Supervision is a professional WordPress maintenance service. We maintain your WordPress website so you can concentrate on your business. 

Every WordPress website needs regular maintenance in order to work properly. The only question you need to ask yourself is: do you want to invest your time in doing it by yourself and constantly worrying if the next update will break something; or in searching for a developer when something needs to be fixed or changed? Or do you want to hire professional WordPress maintenance services so you can concentrate on your business knowing that your site is in good hands and that you can always get help? Check our WordPress Maintenance Plans and worry no more.

This service is basically for anybody who has a WordPress website and who either don’t have the time or knowledge to regularly maintain their website. Our plans are especially tailored for small and medium websites.

Our current price range is between $30/month and $90/month, depending on your site (size and features) and the plan you choose.

There is no contract, you can cancel at any time. Just send us an email and it will be done, no questions asked.

If you are interested in our WordPress maintenance services you can contact us through our quote form above. Once we reply back you can ask any question you want. This way we are getting just the messages from the people that are actually interested in maintenance services, not spam messages.